The Quality of our Lives

is often in direct relation to the Quality of the Questions we ask.

School is wonderful for many things, but with actual life experiences, we discover new questions. Things we were told as children may not seem to hold up. Is there a difference between selfishness and self-care? Are we present in our lives or chasing after dreams - ours or other peoples? Time to take time and look at what we need rather than what we want. Or what makes us happy. Or finding the tools to dream again and make it come true. Melinda U is about rediscovering some things we may have forgotten... or need to rethink.


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Using all the tools

Audio, video, ebook, workbooks, and other visual tools are parts of the curriculum. Each course is designed to stand alone or to be a starting place for a deeper dive. Resources are also available for many courses. Take the time to Improve your skillsets or to explore talents you would like to discover. (Not all courses have all the media listed above.)

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